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2019 Price Rise Pending

Dear Customer.  There is a 2019 Price Rise Pending

As you are no doubt aware all prices have risen dramatically this year and we can no longer maintain our current charges.

The last time we put our labour rate up was in June 2008 when it increased from £45.00 + VAT per hour to £50.00 + VAT per hour a total of £58.75 per hour.

This was then reduced to £50.00 per hour in January 2009 (As our turnover was well below the registration threshold required we de-registered for VAT.)

After 10 Year’s allowing for inflation at 3.2%, per annum our hourly rate should now be £65.00.

Having taken the above into consideration we have decided to increase our hourly rate by only £5.00 per hour.  Continue reading 2019 Price Rise Pending