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15 Top IT Tips for a New Office

15 Top IT Tips for a New Office.

Last in a series of 10 Tips

1. What type of network do you require? less than 10 PC’s use Pier to Pier, more than 10 PC’s use a Server

2. Broadband Wired or Wireless? Wired faster. Wireless allows for mobility with reduced security.

3. Use a gigabit switch if data is shared across network.

4. Make sure adequate Anti-Virus / Spyware software installed and regularly updated and scanned.

5. Run Windows updates weekly on all PC’s. All sections. Do not assume auto update is sufficient.

6. Decide on best backup policy and make sure it is regularly carried out.

7. Have more than one backup option and check to ensure that backups are successful regularly.

8. Carry out Bi-Annual Health Check to strip out unnecessary files.

9. Defrag hard drive monthly or use an interactive defrag software that defrags on the fly.

10. Use Spike Protector sockets on all PC’s. An electrical spike can damage the hard drive.

11. If main data is stored on a Server or a dedicated PC use a Universal Power Supply on that PC

12. Install a Network Printer centrally positioned.

13. Do not use Memory Sticks for saving data only use them for copying saved data.

14. If producing own Flyers use a Duplex Colour Laser Printer with Gloss Paper

15. Visiting cards can be easily produced using Avery Free software on pre-perforated card