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42 New Threats Appear Every Minute


42 New Threats Appear Every Minute

Information just released from Panda Security confirms that Viral activity is getting worse.

It is time that you checked your systems to ensure they are safe.

42 Threats every Minute may not sound that bad but that equates to 60,480 every Day or 22 Million Every Year.

The security of your data is of vital importance whether it be family photos or company accounts. 90% of our customers either have inadequate security or they do not have an up to date backup. Most customers do not understand fully how Windows Updates works and are therefore leaving themselves exposed to a viral attack combined with a lack of backup can result in total loss of data.

We can check your systems to ensure you are adequately protected and advise on how to stay protected.

To book a 1 Hour Health Check please Phone 0800-0407048 or use the contact details below.


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