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95% of our customers do not have adequate backup

5% of our customers do not have adequate backup

Once again a Local Company was saved from the brink of Disaster.

We are constantly asking our clients are you backing up your important data?

Although the answer is often YES in reality it is actually NO.

95% of our customers do not have adequate backup of their important data and if backed up they never check to see if that backup can be used for restoration purposes.

The latest case involved a local company that kept their booking system for all their clients on their email PC.

The PC had a major infection (called System restore) that wiped out the PC and all programmes were lost including their booking programme.

We were able to remove the drive, virus cleanse it then using specialist software recover the important data including documents, emails and their booking programme.

This enabled the company to be back in business the following morning with minimal disruption.

How important is your data? (Family Photos, Music etc)

We offer to carry out a BackUp Health Check to ensure your PC is protected to avoid this happening to you.

Please ring 01293-883889 or 0800-0747859 or email it@ituk.biz to make a booking.

Let us check your PC before it is too late.



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