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AVG Cloudcare – Why Complicate?

AVG Cloudcare – Why Complicate?   We are pleased to announce a continued partnership with AVG At the moment many of our customers are either running AVG Free or AVG Paid and this new product is only available through distributors like us. The new product is AVG Cloudcare and is a paid service. This is an automated product that once installed is kept up to date automatically unlike the previous versions that have to be reinstalled every year. If you choose to change to AVG Cloudcare when installing for the first time your existing product will be updated automatically by the software. This will also replace competitive antivirus products. If you have the paid version or competitors paid versions the a screenshot of your expiry date will enable us to add that period to your billing contract. AVGCloudcare   The prices are very competitive as follows Prices shown are based on the 1st July 2014 AVG Pricelist and are subject to change.

AVG Cloud Platform FREE AVG AntiVirus Cloud
£2.00 Per Month,  £20.50 for 12 Months or £36.50 for 24 Months

AVG AntiVirus Retail                                           
£30.00 for 12 Months or £45.00 for 24 Months

AVG AntiVirus Business  (1PC)                                          
£26.50 for 12 Months or £40.0.0 for 24 Months

Add ons AVG Domain AntiSpam Additional £1.20 Per Month (only available monthly)

AVG Content Filtering £1.55 per Month, £15.50 for 12 Months or £28.00 for 24 Months

When requested for payment please click on PayNow below

AVG FREE version users enjoy significantly less features than AVG Cloudcare For users of the paid version you will get the peace of mind that your protection is always up to date. Included in the Cloudcare package is a Remote access module enabling us to help you in an emergency where coming out may not be possible.

Click here for AVGCC General Factsheet

We feel that this is a great product and hope that you will consider changing over to it.

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