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How to choose a PC, tablet, netbook, laptop, desktop or all-in-one?

How to choose a PC: tablet, netbook, laptop, desktop or all-in-one?

It used to be simple. If you wanted a computer, you chose from one of the many desktop varieties available.  With all the improvements in computing technology, it feels like you need to be an expert to figure out what type of computer you need.  Do you need a laptop? A netbook? Or maybe an all-in-one computer, that can be used as your TV as well? And, when it comes down to it, what exactly are the differences between them?
Apple have their iPad and iPad mini tablets, Google have their Android tablets but Microsoft re-launched their Windows based tablets which are now available from 8″ up to 12″ from a multitude of suppliers.  All Windows 8.1 versions have the flexibility of Windows Desktop ( known to all Windows users) with the switchabilty to Apps similar to iPad and Android but also with the ability to use your existing Windows software.  Windows 10 available FREE to any Windows 7 or 8.1 user for 1 Year after launch will enable your favourite Apps to be set up on your desktop and open in a Window on that desktop.


This is a relatively new category of computers. Netbooks are small, light, reasonably priced, and have extra battery life.  These typically have less processing power than full-sized laptops but are very suitable for word processing, surfing the web, and connecting wirelessly to the Internet.  Their small size makes them ultra-portable and convenient for travel.  They do not have CD/DVD Drives built in but external USB Drives are ideal add-ons.



Also known as a notebook, a laptop is a portable computer that you can take with you and use in different environments—on an airplane, in the library, in a temporary office, and at a meeting.  It includes a screen, a keyboard, and a trackpad or trackball, which serves as a mouse. It has a battery, which allows you to use it on the go, plus a power adapter, which lets you use power from an outlet.  New laptops can provide the speed and power of desktop computers, although usually at a higher price.  Many new Laptops are now available in Touch Screen versions for use with Windows 8.1 and 10.  In order for them to become thinner DVD players are being left out of some of them so caution when buying.

Laptop (2)


A desktop computer ( most people think of the as a PC )is designed to stay in one place.  These machines each consist of several components—a central processing unit (CPU), a monitor, a separate keyboard, and connecting cables. Because they’re modular, each component can be replaced or upgraded separately.  Desktop computers are usually cheaper than laptops and are the most common type of computer used by businesses, schools, households, and other organizations.  The smaller the case the better that have to be kept in an environment with plenty of air to avoid overheating.


——————————————————————————-All-in-one computer

All-in-one computers combine the PC and monitor into one component.  Many, like the one in the video, come with a wireless mouse, keyboard, and remote control.  Some now feature motion control, and can be used as an HDTV, a high definition TV. These must be kept in an open environment to avoid overheating.  Repairs can be more expensive as they tend to use similar technology to laptops and in some cases specialist tools are required to open them up when repairing.

AllInOne (2)


For each of these computer types, there are many brands, models, and prices to choose from.

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