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Computer Repair or Data Recovery ( At your Home or Office )

Computer Repair or Data Recovery ( At your Home or Office )

We can port data from one source to another.

There is a fine line between computer repair and data recovery. Ideally a biannual health check should be carried out to keep your computer up to date and avoid a costly computer repair which could in turn result in loss of data or data recovery.

As well as health checks we offer a data recovery service to our clients who are upgrading or replacing their PC’s or when recovering their system after a virus attack.

Where possible this can be done on site, otherwise specialist equipment and software is used to recover your valuable data.

If your Hard Drive has not completely failed we can recover data from it.

We use special software that as long as the hard drive boots up we can read the data and recover it to another drive. We can arrange for your data to be recovered if the drive has failed completely but this means sending the drive away and normally costs at least 5 times the price we can charge.

We are also able to scan your hard drive to establish if there are damaged sectors.

If you wish to put in a larger hard drive we can clone your data onto a larger drive retaining all the original settings.

If you are based in Crawley or Horley our minimum charge is 30 Minutes at £25 otherwise our minimum charge is 1 Hour at £50 then £12.50 per quarter Hour thereafter.


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