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Geoff Williamson is one of the new breed of professional computer consultants whose approach is refreshingly different to the “can’t meet your eye” brigade, a self styled Champion of the Small Business his company is as much about supporting your whole infrastructure as fixing individual pc’s and servers.

“I see how technology is both helping and hindering businesses on a day to day basis; when it’s broken I fix it, when it works I’m looking to improve it.

My role is to review the latest technology and proactively apply it where appropriate.”

Unusually Geoff is as happy to support the home user as the business customer, “quite often I will be supporting a business and they’ll ask me to pop home to fix an issue.  I’ve even set up a computer for a couple emigrating to Spain and supported a tricky broadband installation over the phone when they got there. It’s all about being flexible and supportive.

Nowadays Geoff doesn’t even have to be onsite to cure a problem, “the majority of minor computer problems can be fixed remotely, after installing some specialist software I simply log in to your machine, diagnose the fault and fix it, job done”.  This software is secure and generates a unique ID for you but generates a new password every time the software is used.  I cannot log on to your device without your latest password.

38 Years working in IT (10 Years before the World Wide Web and 7 Years before Microsoft Windows).

Geoff Williamson works on a philosophy of “Right First Time” and “Value for Money” so when working on clients PC’s he shows them how to keep them up to date to prevent further problems.  This truly is added value.

Sample of Customer Reviews 

I cannot fault the level of service.

Very reliable, courteous and efficient.

High level of expertise.

I would definitely use him again.

Excellent – expert who knows his stuff.

Caring and Conscientious.

Did what he said he would do.

Quoted accurately, arrived on time, did the job quickly.

Expert service carried out with great efficiency and courtesy.

Old fashioned service for a modern problem.

Very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable.

Obviously professional and competent.

Explained what he was doing in a way I understood.

What he doesn’t know about computers is probably not worth knowing.

Prompt response to left phone message at 9am.

Followed by same day service.

Successfully recovered data from hard drive.

Offered advice over the phone at no charge.

A good find, very knowledgeable and competent.

He saved us having to get a new computer!

Did even more than we expected.

I needed my pc back ASAP for my business and I was not disappointed.

The oracle for all IT issues.

Excellent job, would recommend anyone to use the company.

A problem I thought was unfixable was fixed.

Truly A+ service.

Worth every penny!

Their service has always been timely, efficient and excellent value for money.

You will always get honesty with Geoff.

Would not even consider any other repair service.

Very professional and saved me quite a lot of money.

His keen and professional approach was refreshing.

He has been coming over for several years whenever I need help with my computer, to bring it up to date, and to sort out any problems.