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Network Implementation ( Home or Office )

Network Implementation ( Home or Office )

We install, replace, and maintain client networks wired or wireless. in their home or office. Using modern solutions.

Using a basic hub / router to upgrading business server racks or even a wireless setup throughout the home.  All this can be done quickly and cost effectively through us.  Networks can even be set up using the Ring Main of the property or transmitter receivers.  In areas where the Broadband speed is low, but 4G is available, routers can be supplied which will take your 4G Sim card and enable whole home networking

It is important that the network setup is correctly done in order for files, printers and CD/DVD drives to be shared. Netbooks and Tablets and some of the newer Laptops and All in One’s that do not have CD/DVD Drives can use the network to install any software

Nowadays modern Homes and Offices have many devices, known as smart devices, that can be connected to the network and shared by users.  Most LCD and LED TV’s on sale are now Smart TV’s with access to the Internet or Video streaming.

We have worked with Local Building Companies installing this type of technology , many of which can be controlled by customers SmartPhones.  Turning up the heating, turning on the lights, creating mood lighting with colour variable LED bulbs, media centres and much, much more.

If you are based in Crawley or Horley our minimum charge is 30 Minutes at £25 otherwise our minimum chage is 1 Hour at £50 then £12.50 per quarter Hour thereafter.


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