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Online IT Backup

Online IT Backup

How often have you said “I really ought to Back Up my Data”.


95% of our customers do not have an adequate Backup and are at risk of losing all their data if attacked by a Virus or hardware failure.

I wish I had £5 for every time a customer said ” I was going to do a backup ” I would have retired by now.

Data recovery is easier and much cheaper to carry out if the hard drive has not failed.  If the drive fails to start data can still be recovered in most cases but at 10 times the cost.

There are many types of backup including Memory Stick, CD, DVD, External Hard Drive, Network Assisted Storage (NAS) or Online Backup.

When doing a backup if automated do not assume that it backedup, carry out random checks to ensure your data is intact.

As Memory Sticks are prone to failure never use them as your only source of data only as a bzckup. Never Cut and Paste always Copy and Paste then delete only when you have comfirmed data is ok.

Now you can backup your data online for a very cost effective price.


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