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Remote Access

Remote Access

Fog, Ice, Snow, Heavy rain, Rail Strike, Roads Closed, Heavy Traffic etc

These are just some of the reasons why Remote Access can help you.

I Repair Your Computer are able to offer secure remote access to all our customers.

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How often have you said – I meant to Backup My Data

How often have you said – I meant to Backup My Data

We have listed below 15 really useful backup tips.


For a One to One Consultancy on your Backup Solution please ring 0800-0407048 or 07411-149666 to arrange an appointment for Computer Repairs Crawley.

Can you imagine if your hard drive went down and was beyond repair or recovery and you lose all your important and sometimes critical data. How what that affect you and your business? Continue reading How often have you said – I meant to Backup My Data

About I Repair Your Computer

About I Repair Your Computer
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