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Phone Services & Broadband

Phone Services & Broadband.

We are distributors for Broadband services.  Whichever Service Providers we can supply Broadband or equipment to suit your requirements.

We can supply all your Broadband Hardware requirements or install Hardware supplied by you. Some of our suppliers are BT, VirginMedia, AOL, TalkTalk

Most of the modern mobile phones (smartphones) are very sofisticated communications devices hence they are know as SmartPhones.

We offer Phone Services for most types of modern communications including Mobile, 3G, 4G, Landline and VOIP

We can also supply additional handsets for Home and Office based Digital Phones and Phone equipment including Switchboards for Retail Clients and Small Companies also International calls through the Internet ( VOIP ).

If you are in a rural area with very slow broadband speed availability have you thought of using a 4G sim card in a router for all your Home or Office Broadband

If you are based in Crawley or Horley our minimum charge is 30 Minutes at £25 otherwise our minimum charge is 1 Hour at £50 then £12.50 per quarter Hour thereafter.


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