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PC services throughout Crawley, Sussex & Surrey

Providing Quality Components

Providing Quality Components.

We can obtain any Computer components that are still available on the market today.  Our engineers visit you and where possible complete repairs then and there.

Our engineers visit our customers directly if convenient, fit the required PC component or deliver to any location as requested.  All our products that we offer are all previously tried and tested or highly reviewed in specialist websites or magazines. This ensures that we supply only quality to all our customers.  All components used are fully guaranteed to manufacturers specification and regulations.  We are also able to supply MiniSATA drives to upgrade the latest Tablets and Netbooks

New products are coming on stream on a regular basis, too many to list.  With improving network technology routers and hubs can be upgraded to higher speeds.  Wireless devices like laptops and tablets  can be upgraded to use a faster USB WiFi module and wireless repeaters are now available with not only higher speeds but also dual band for use with SmartPhones

Normal Desktop PC’s and some Slimline Desktop PC’s can have their fan based Graphics cards replaced with fanless graphics cards reducing the risk of failure and overheating, with most of these cards being faster than the original installed.


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