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Reviews in 2008

Reviews in 2008

Good, competent, tidy, recommend, knowledgeable, realistic, expectations, good impression, knew what he was doing, very pleased, polite, understand, understood, courteous, businesslike, excellent, professional, competent, helpful, total satisfaction, efficiently.  Just a few of the following comments

A good, competent and tidy worker
Feedback Mr Peter Nicolson, Crawley
Work done: 20 November 2008
Resolved Printer network problem
First rate. Arrived on time and worked hard to identify the fault. Eventually had to re-install both the network and printer software. Very helpful and answered questions clearly on a variety of computer issues. A good, competent and tidy worker. I would highly recommend him.

Helped to sort it out
Feedback Mr & Mrs Ripley, Horley
Work done: 14 October 2008
Problem connecting to dial up. Helped to sort it out.
I would recommend them.

Set realistic expectations, and kept the cost to a minimum
Feedback Roger Watkin, Turners Hill
Work done: 10 October 2008
Virus check and problem solve.
Very knowledgeable, came prepared with various virus checkers. Very helpful. lots of useful advice. Set realistic expectations, and kept the cost to a minimum. I would recommend them.

Gave me a good impression that he knew what he was doing
Feedback Mr K F Wilson, Horley
Work done: 7 October 2008
Troubleshooting my Personal Computer
Identified and rectified problems quickly and in a workmanlike manner – gave me a good impression that he knew what he was doing. Did NOT stop work to answer or make mobile calls. After he left, I found another snag had cropped up and, – this is what caused me to make this recommendation – returned promptly and made necessary rectifications.

I would recommend them
Feedback Brady, Crawley
Work done: 20 September 2008
Set up new home network and security profile.
I would recommend them.

I’m very pleased with the work carried out.
Feedback Shane Bruton, Burgess Hill
Work done: 4 September 2008
USB port repair/purchase and fan cleaned
USB ports not working reliably on notebook, Geoff repaired ports and recommended purchase of USB card, which has resolved the problem and avoided the need to purchase new notebook. Geoff also investigated issue of overheating and advised fan needed cleaning, which has resolved problem. We agreed beforehand to restrict work to one hour, Geoff was clear about charges and I’m very pleased with the work carried out. I would definitely recommend him. 10/10.

I would recommend them.
Feedback Mrs Crane, Crawley
Work done: 3 September 2008
Replacement computer motor.
I would recommend them.

Very polite tidy and really got onto the job
Feedback Mr John Hampton, Horley
Work done: 9 August 2008
Fixed computer
The Gentleman was very polite tidy and really got onto the job. I would recommend them.

He explained things slowly and in terms I could understand
Feedback Mrs Boyer, Haywards Heath
Work done: 7 August 2008
Health check on computer – Anti virus installation.
As I am not computer literate, he explained things slowly and in terms I could understand. I would recommend them.

Explained what he was doing in a way I understood
Feedback Shelia Parsonage, Horley
Work done: 31 July 2008
Repairs to my computer.
Very good, explained what he was doing in a way I understood. I would recommend them.

Polite, courteous and businesslike
Feedback Reginald, Crawley
Work done: 22 July 2008
Advice on use of computer, generally. Password and e-mail address.
Mr Williamson was polite, courteous and businesslike, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking his services.

Excellent service received throughout
Feedback Mr Morgan, Horley
Work done: 24 June 2008
Installation, set up and wi fi link on new pc and laptop.
Excellent service received throughout. Looking for number 5 and 6 now. I would recommend them.

Obviously professional and competent.
Feedback Newson-Smith, Crawley
Work done: 21 June 2008
Slow / Running computer.
Obviously professional and competent.. Expertise, reliable and courteous. Didn’t fix the problem first time round, but fixed quickly later. I would recommend them.

Very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable
Feedback Thomas, Sutton
Work done: 17 June 2008
Installed Broadband
He was very pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable and could not fault him in any way. I would recommend them.

Old fashioned service for a modern problem
Feedback Crane, Crawley
Work done: 13 June 2008
Clearing virus from computer.
Old fashioned service for a modern problem. I would recommend them.

Really good, helpful,
Feedback Atkinson, Horley
Work done: 9 May 2008
Removal of hard drive, clean up and upload new virus scanners etc
Really good, helpful, gave me clear instructions about re loading all my data. Would ring him with any computer queries.

Total satisfaction
Feedback Naughton, Crawley
Work done: 3 April 2008
Computer services.
Total satisfaction. I would recommend them.

He worked quickly and efficiently
Feedback Ayling, Billingshurst
Work done: 20 March 2008
Computer very slow, email and printer not working.
Everything I asked him to do he sorted out. He worked quickly and efficiently, I would definiatly have him back again and will recommend him.

Did a very good job
Feedback Mr Roberts, Crawley
Work done: 8 March 2008
Setting up new computer and transfer of data.
Mr Williamson was very helpful and did a very good job considering that he had difficulties initially with extracting data from my old computer. I would recommend them.

Not cost effective to repair
Feedback Angela Andres, Horley
Work done: 30 January 2008
Advice and estimate.
I smashed the lid of my laptop. 2K was very honest in his assessment of the damage and advised that it was non cost effective to repair. Although he could have replaced it. I would recommend them.