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Reviews in 2015

Reviews in 2015

Much appreciated, baling me out, nick of time, trust, invaluable, thanks for your help, so much help in the past, Thanks in anticipation,  The guy is a genius, He Cares, huge thanks, Thank you for today, many thanks.  Just a few of the following comments

Helen Donovan – South Ockendon – Work carried out 7/12/2015
I was very pleased with the service you provided.  You got all my pictures and music off my hard drive and uploaded them to my new computer.
I would not hesitate to recommend you and if I have any issues with my computer in future, I would definitely use your expertise again.
Kind regards
Helen Donovan

Stephen Johnson, Stephen Johnson Photography – Crawley Work carried out 04/12/2015
Thanks for your help earlier, very much appreciated.  Let’s hope when I come to import the outlook files that they come in OK. Fingers crossed.
Stephen Johnson

Christine Cheshire – Crawley – Work carried out 26/11/2015
Hi Geoff
Many thanks for baling me out so quickly!
Thanks for spotting that my hard drive was about to die in the nick of time! It would have been catastrophic to lose all the content… Home users like me need someone they can trust – and I’ve now found one. Thanks Geoff!
The Worshipful the Mayor of Crawley
Councillor Chris Cheshire

Anne Pattemore – Horley – Work carried out 6/11/2015
Hello GeoffMany thanks for all your help today.
I’m now able to access my emails in Windows 10 thanks to you ! Also your instructions to enable me to use Windows 10 to its full potential have been invaluable.
Fully recommended !

David Crossland, Will Drafters Ltd – Thornton Heath – Advice given 11/09/2015
Hi Geoff,
With the help of Peter putting in the disk, I’ve managed to follow your instructions (from Home) and install the printer.
Thanks for your help.
Kind regards,

Andy Roberts – Horley – Phone Advice given 12/08/2015
Hi Geoff
Hope all is well with you.
Having given us so much help in the past we hoped that you could give us some advice.
We recently upgraded to Windows 10 and have now tried to upload photo’s from our  digital camera on to the computer without success.    We put the memory card into the card holder and connected this to the computer via the USB cables which is what we have always done in the past.  Instead of photo’s appearing on the screen there was nothing so obviously a different procedure now. We tried lots of different options and searched for help from Windows 10 and on google without any luck.
Hope that you may have some suggestions we could try.
Thanks in anticipation
Andy & Linda

John Gale – Purley – Advice given 4/06/2015
I have been using Geoff for a number of Years.  The guy is a genius.  He knows every time and immediately what to do if there is a problem and makes short work of it.
He Cares which is so rare to find these days.
Thanks and good uck

Julie Arya – Crawley – Work carried out 02/03/2015
Ok Geoff huge thanks time to buy a new one !!! Let me know how much I owe you
Julie x

Alex McMillan – Recruitment Solutions at Half the Cost, Double The Service and Triple the Guarantee – Linked-In 25/02/2015
Geoff is a professional with a range of contacts and knowledge who I for years ring first when I need advice on important matters. I don’t bother with a Google I just contact Geoff as he is faster in giving me the answers I need.! 

David Hayward – Horley – Work carried out 14/01/2015
Hi Geoff
Thank you for today. Happy to report that removing Norton has fixed the issue.
Thanks very much. David

Nik Moore, Mindset Communications – Reigate – Work carried out 14/01/2015
Thanks Geoff
All working beautifully. Many, many thanks

Brian Quinn – Crawley – Work carried out 09/01/2015
Dear Geoff, many thanks much appreciated,
Kind Regards,