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Reviews in 2016

Reviews in 2016

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Reviews in December

Alan Collings – Hooe, Battle – Work carried out 12/12/2016

Dear Geoff,
Thank you for sorting out my computer yet again.
Kind regards, Alan

David Arnold – Broadbridge Heath – Work carried out 07/12/2016

Dear Geoff,
I’m pleased to say that the new HP laptop is performing really excellently.  It is so much faster than the old one, I’m tempted to think that there were a lot of viruses embedded in its hard drive and that it might work a lot better if you completely wipe it and reload,
Just for info,

Steve & Vanda Fee – Smallfield, Horley – Work carried out 09/12/2016

Computers are great things until they stop working!  Then you need a professional and knowledgeable person to help you out. 
Geoff got us back online, did lots of housekeeping and gave us tips to improve the way our PC works. 
We have signed up to his 6 monthly ‘health check’ programme to ensure that our PC works to the optimum. 
Very friendly service and very reasonably priced.  We would certainly recommend Geoff to other computer users! 
Steve & Vanda Fee

Reviews in November

Peter Tucker -Horley – Work carried out 24/11/2016

On Saturday 19th November, one of my PCs failed. I consulted a neighbour who recommended Geoff’s services. On Monday morning I contacted him and he visited us that afternoon , found a problem and ordered a replacement part. Since the PC that broke down is the more important machine, he removed a similar part from my other computer as a temporary fix. Unfortunately the fix only worked for a short time and on Tuesday afternoon he fixed the other machine, cleansed and defragged it so that it now working much better than before. On Thursday, he installed the replacement part in the first machine, cleansed and defragged it and I now have two working machines.
All through, Geoff’s service has been prompt, efficient, friendly and successful. I will certainly contact him again if the need arises and will also ask him to service the machines as necessary.

Dr Alan Collings – Hooe, Battle – Remote access carried out 14/11/2016

“I had a serious hacking attack by someone who claimed they were my service provider. They even provided a verification phone number to ” prove” who they were. They wanted bank and many other details. some of which I gave them.  I checked with the bank and they confirmed it was a fraud and that there was a high probability that they had left a virus or other device on my computer to transmit vital information back to them. 
I needed to have my computer disinfected without delay. 
I contacted Geoff Williamson and within an hour he use his remote control software to check out my computer and eliminate any spy or other dangerous software from my computer. 
I could not have wished for better service at such an anxious time 
Alan Collings                                                                         

Roger Combes – Crawley – Work carried out on 02/11/2016

As always, Geoff was helpful, prompt and professional, and sorted the problem.

Reviews in October

Greg Wheeler – Byfleet – Work carried out 17/10/2016

Apologies for the lateness of this email. I wanted to thank you for getting me up and running again and finding all those client files. Touch wood, everything seems to be working normally and all my filing is up to date. I will be in touch again in 6 months for a full check up.  Continuing to recommend you to my associates.
Kind regards
Greg Wheeler.

Reviews in September

John Gale – Purley – Work carried out 22/09/2016

Geoff. you visited me again today.  
As ever you were on time and I received quick and efficient service. many thanks

Reviews in August

John Dougill – Horley – Work carried out 22nd August 2016

Thanks for coming.  All’s working; I have my computer back.
Excellent service. Quick knowledgeable response and fair billing.  Also gave explanations aimed at avoiding future problems.  If needed, I know where to come again.
John D.

Reviews in June

Carol Jordan – Horley – Work carried out 28th June 2016

Dear Geoff
Thanks so much for your excellent help yesterday.  Not only did you come within an hour of me ringing you, you managed to fix my problem in 45 minutes and gave us lots of very useful information as well.  As you can see my problem last night has now resolved. I am passing on your details to the company I work for in Horsham.

Chris Sharville, Laker Sharville Design Associates – Horley – Work carried out 20th June 2016

Thank you Geoff at I Repair Your Computer for installing our security cameras and formatting the recording system. As always Geoff provides excellent service.
Chris Sharville, Laker Sharville Design Associates.

Michael Haynes – Reigate – Work carried out 13th June 2016

Many thanks for sorting out my Outlook problem and all your help on other issues.
A great recommendation to come to you.
Michael Haynes

Chris Miles – Advice given 4th June 2016

Just to say many thanks for the free instructions you gave me yesterday to revive my dead laptop. I followed them to a T and now have a working computer and a re-energized battery (I hope). Great advice and my son-in-law and I have you bookmarked in case of any future problems.
Very kind of you and very much appreciated.
Chris Miles

Reviews in May

Christina McNamara – Horley – Work carried out 24th May 2016

Many thanks your invoice for your visit on 24th May.
We were very impressed with the service received and would certainly recommend you to any one that may be interested. We look forward to using your service again in the near future,
Many thanks again
Yours sincerely
Frank & Christina McNamara

Reviews in April

Sheila Byrne – Horley – Work carried out 25/04/2016

Geoff provides an excellent service in computer repair and advice.  I have used his expert knowledge on a few occasions now and find the service is excellent, provides quick and helpful solutions to my problems.  Geoff not only provides repair but have used him for an hour of his knowledge to help me understand and apply solutions myself.  Highly recommended.

John Gale – Purley – Work carried out 15/02/16 email support 17/045 Star Google Review Apr 18th 2016

I have always found Geoff to be thoroughly reliable and competent. he arrives at the time agreed, gets down to work , fixes the problem and moves on . totally recommended.

Reviews in March

David Simmonds – Oxted – Work carried out 18/03/2016 – 5 Star Google Review Mar 22nd 2016

I spilt a drink over my laptop and it faded away. Sony quoted me in excess of £800 for repairing it and told me that just about every component inside had been wrecked. I took the laptop to Geoff and he repaired it in one afternoon for a fraction of Sony’s estimate, so you can trust this man. Thanks Geoff, it’s working beautifully now, David

Geoffrey Piejus – Redhill – Work carried out 1/3/2016

Thank you so much Mr Williamson for all your help for getting that printing sorted the other day. We are trying our best to get to grips with it but  I would rather be out cutting up wood!!
Regards Dorothy Piejus

Reviews in January

Roger Combes – Crawley – Work carried out 11/01/2016

Once more we are grateful for Geoff’s prompt help and expertise.
His visit sorted us out and means we are now up and running again.
Just what we needed.
R Combes   January 2016

Mike Moseling – Reigate – Work carried out 12/01/2016

Thank you for the time spent today.
Everything working normally
Mike Moseling