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Security Health Check

Are you backing up all your data?
How often is your data backed up?
Who is responsible for your backups?
Have you un-intentionally turned off Cloud backup?

Do your backups actually work?
Do you have the right backup checks and balances in place?
How often do you check that your backup is still working?
How important or sensitive is the data on your systems?
What type of information does the data contain?
How often does the data change?
Can you supplement backups with shadow copies?
How quickly do you need to recover the data?
Do you have the equipment to perform backups?
Who will be responsible for the backup and recovery plan?
What’s the best time to schedule backups?
Do you need to store backups off-site?

If you are not sure about the answers to any of the above you need a Security Health Check

For some time now we have been offering our Customers Bi-Annual Health Checks at a discounted rate.


There have been many instances recently of security issues with major companies and peoples data being compromised.
In order to help you to stay secure we are introducing a Security Health Check at a discounted rate until this Friday 24th August 2018.

On average this check should take 1 hour at a discounted rate of £45 after which there is an additional £11.25 per quarter hour charge.

The Security Check will include the following:

Anti-Virus Check and update

Malware Check and update

Windows Software Check and update

Backup Check and update

Where applicable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Review.

If you wish to take advantage of this special offer please book and complete before this Friday 24th August 2018

There may be a small mileage charge based on your Post Code

For more information on current scams read our blog 70-scams to avoid

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