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Software Update – including Windows Update.

Software Update – including Windows Update.



There are many areas that need to be updated to keep your PC safe and in most cases are unintentionally neglected.

If auto update has been selected for Adobe or Java and a pop up from them asks you to update it do so.

Items like Adobe Reader will auto update the installed version but will not upgrade to the latest version unless updated from their website. By going to www.adobe.com/uk and installing the Adobe Reader the older version is uninstalled and the newer one is installed.

Anti Virus Software should be updated manually to ensure that programmes as well as definitions are up to date. Once up to date do not assume that a scan will take place. Check to see when the last scan was done and if in any doubt run a full scan.

If Spyware Software is installed make sure that it is updated and immunised weekly . Do not assume that you are protected. Once up to date run a full scan and remove any problems found.

Failing to run Windows Update correctly is the most likely cause of an infection. Automatic Updates do not cover all aspects of software.

In the case of Windows XP always choose “Custom” not “Express”. By choosing the “Custom” option all items that need updating including Drivers can be manually selected and installed. The items listed in Custom are deliberately targeted because the Virus/Spyware writers know these items are rarely updated.

With Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 always click on Optional Update if shown and run for the same reasons as above.

Once the first batch of Updates has been done either restart or refresh then recheck until all items are up to date. This process can initially take several hours but once up to date updates normally takes a few minutes every week.

We are able to give you advise or training on the best way to stay updated. Please ring 0800-0407048 to make an appointment or use the contact details below.


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