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Virus Removal ( At your Home or Office )

Virus Removal ( At your Home or Office )

Specialists in Virus Removal using the latest virus fixes we have successfully removed viruses from thousands of desktop, laptop and networked computers. Where possible we carry out repairs in clients Homes or Offices.


If you are based in Crawley or Horley our minimum charge is 30 Minutes at £25 otherwise our minimum chage is 1 Hour at £50 then £12.50 per quarter Hour thereafter.

Viruses have been around for over 25 years and now there are as many as 42 new viruses every second. Today computer viruses are becoming increasingly more complex with Keyboard Logging and Data Destruction becoming commonplace and requires specialist Virus Removal.

Viruses can be transferred by infected or Phishing Emails, USB flash drives, infected websites or Messenger or other chat programs. Never click to open a email unless you know who sent it. Even then check with them first that they have sent it before opening.

Nowadays you must have suitable Internet Security software installed and running on your computer to protect it. You would not consider leaving your home unlocked when there was nobody there. You should make sure that an Anti Virus package and a Firewall is running all the time. Internet Security packages like AVG, Bit Defender, Kaspersky or Microsoft Security Essentials can help to keep you protected.

If you get an infection shut it down immediately and call us at irepairyourcomputer.co.uk to carry out specialist anti-virus scanning. We will clean your PC of any viruses and check that your PC is left secure. We will also advise you how to keep it up to date to avoid the problem occurring again. Our technicians stay current with the latest spyware, viruses and techniques to successfully remove them.

For more information, or to book your visit, please ring 0800-0407048 or 07411-149666 or email to: it@virusbusters.me.uk



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