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Windows 10 Launched Today

Windows 10 Worldwide launch is TODAY Wed 29th July 2015

The installation will be rolled out to all those who have reserved the upgrade for FREE

Do not expect to have access to it immediately you will be advised when it is ready for your PC based on when you reserved it.  Reservation options have been in place for over 2 months.

Before attempting to upgrade as with all major Service Packs and Upgrades please manually run Windows Update.

Check for Updates

Even if your Windows Update states No Updates are available click on Check for Updates then Click on Optional updates if shown and make sure that any Drivers e.g. Printer, Graphics Card, Network are ticked and updated prior to upgrading to Windows 10
Failure to update Drivers prior to an upgrade could result in the upgrade failing and possible corruption of the PC.

Once you have reserved your machine specific copy and you are notified by Microsoft that your Upgrade is ready to install you do not have to install immediately.  You can choose to postpone the upgrade but do make sure you have upgraded before the end of July 2016


If you need any help with Updates or Upgrading or you cannot see the Windows Reserve Logo we can help you.


Please contact us using the information below