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Windows Vista End of Life 11th April 2017

Windows Vista End of Life 11th April 2017

Microsoft Calls ‘End of Life’ on Windows Vista Operating System

What Does This Mean?

Windows Vista will be coming to the end of its product support lifecycle after completing five successful years. In other words, Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows Vista, and all updates for this operating system will be completely stopped. Users of this operating system will be advised to upgrade their software to a more recent version prior to this end of life date.  Microsoft won’t publish public security patches anymore for Windows Vista after the Patch Tuesday in April 2017.
Windows Vista is currently in the so-called extended support phase. Microsoft divides the support period of its operating systems into mainstream and extended support phases.
Mainstream support refers to the first five years of product availability. The product may receive new features and updates in that period of time next to security updates.
When a product enters extended support phase after five years, only security updates are provided for it at this point in time. While Microsoft may push out other updates to the operating system, it is not mandatory anymore.
When extended support ends, only paying (Enterprise) customers may get another support extension. It marks the end of support for all Home users.
Why Upgrade from Windows Vista?
The longer you stay with Windows Vista, the higher the chance you have of becoming a victim of cyber-crime. Although Windows Vista came with a significant improvement, as time goes by cyber-criminals target out of date operating systems due to their vulnerability. Updating your operating system will safeguard you from these external threats and help keep your system more secure with continued Microsoft mainstream support and patches.  Stick with Windows Vista even though security updates are not provided anymore. This leaves security vulnerabilities unpatched which may increase the chance of being attacked successfully.
Upgrade to a new version of Windows. Microsoft excluded Windows Vista from the free upgrade offer to Windows 10, and Vista keys are not accepted during the upgrade to Windows 10 (Windows 7 and 8.1 users can upgrade for free still). If the device is capable enough, you could grab a cheap key on eBay or another marketplace and use it instead.
What’s Next?
The latest Windows operating system still receiving mainstream support includes Windows 7.

Although I repair Your Computer will continue to support your XP or Vista PC to find out more on how to upgrade from Windows XP or Vista or to simply determine whether an upgrade is compatible with your applications please contact us details below.